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Discover the strategies to generating $10K months and 6-figure+ years in your coaching business with ease and joy using your core competencies, gifts, and talents!


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Are You Ready to Master Revenue in Your Coaching Business?

Whether you’re a former corporate leader turned coach or an experienced coach looking to level up to $10,000 months or 6-figure+ years, this exclusive 3-day workshop provides the key to building financial freedom using my signature Quick-Start Model and the 4 Pillars of Success.


Master Your Mindset

Develop your inner game and tap into your core confidence to attract high-paying clients and build the business of your dreams.


Strategic Positioning

Embrace the Power of One and create an irresistible offer in context with what your audience wants so it practically sells itself.


Conversations for Sustained Growth

Master compelling and easy-to-have conversations that define your marketing, bring in more clients, close deals, and that you enjoy having.


About Karen

Karen Cappello, MCC, BCC, is not your typical master certified coach. With over 30 years of experience in business management, financial planning, and higher education before becoming a coach, she brings a wealth of expertise to her clients.

As a business and executive coach, communication specialist, motivational speaker, and coach trainer, Karen has collaborated with top leaders and coaches to achieve outstanding results in the business world.

Through her unique approach, Karen has helped transform the lives of countless coaches and organizations. Her proven methods focus on enhancing revenue, creating community, and accelerating highly beneficial business outcomes. Whether it’s improving the bottom line, increasing productivity, or achieving personal growth, Karen’s coaching expertise can help you unlock your true potential as a coach.

With a passion for helping coaches achieve business success beyond what they’ve envisioned, Karen has established herself as a respected figure in the coaching industry. She has worked with executive, business, career, and sales coaches across various industries, helping them to exceed their goals and realize their dreams. 

What clients are saying:

Rachel Schaming

Executive Coach and Consultant

"Participating in Business Boost gave me clarity, confidence, and focus to move forward with my second chapter in life."

Troy Taylor, PCC

Executive Coach

"Any coach who wants to grow their business should absolutely join the Business Boost Complimentary training!"

Vivian Theodoropoulou ACC

Executive and Leadership Coach

"This training has helped me INCREASE my confidence and has unlocked REVENUE opportunities for me."


This 3-day Revenue Mastery workshop is ideal for business and executive coaches who:

 ✔  have prior leadership experience and are now committed to coaching
 ✔ are experiencing plateaued or slowed business growth
 ✔ are open, coachable, and ready for a financial breakthrough
 ✔ seek a community of like-minded, success-driven coaches

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Immerse yourself in the actionable strategies and proven methods that guarantee financial success.

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