Complimentary Quarterly Business Boost for Business & Executive Coaches

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Next Event: Aug 29th - 31st, Sept 1st at 1:30-2:30p ET

4-Day Training Schedule 

Have Your Ideal Clients Reach out to You, Take Your Calls and Ask You to Work with Them

Position Yourself as the Go-to Coach for Contracts That are in Your Zone of Genius and Easy to Deliver

Have High-Ticket Buyers Write Your Proposals, Design Your Program and Even Share Their Budget with You so that You Win the Business Every Time

Create 5-Figure Months and 6-Figure Years Over and Over with a Proven System That’s Easy to Implement

Be a brilliant lighthouse for your ideal clients and learn WHY your clients really hire you and strategies to make you the first person your clients think of when they need a coach.

Collapse years off growing your coaching business and learn time and energy management techniques that will bring in contracts where you can work with people who are happy to engage your services.

Make your offers completely irresistible and learn how to have high-quality, meaningful conversations that lead your perfect clients to easily and quickly work with you.

Take the guesswork out of your business development forever (it’s a big claim, yet it’s true!) and learn how to design a marketing system that will practically guarantee that your stretch goals will be met.

* If you've done all four days of assignments, you will receive a special invitation for an exclusive Coaching Q&A session with me. You will be able to ask me any question that you have about your business that has come up during the week. I will roll up my sleeves and coach you in real time. You'll walk away with clarity and practical solutions for the questions you have. And you will learn from the questions other coaches are asking. 

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What clients are saying:

R. Schaming, PCC

"Participating in Business Boost gave me clarity, confidence, and focus to move forward with my second chapter in life."

T. Taylor, PCC

"Any coach who wants to grow their business should absolutely join the Business Boost Complimentary training!"

V. Theodoropoulou ACC

"This training has helped me INCREASE my confidence and has unlocked REVENUE opportunities for me."

About Karen Cappello

Karen Cappello, MCC, BCC is a master certified coach who works with coaches who have been leaders in the corporate world and are now in their own coaching business. She helps them grow their businesses on their own terms and maintain the lifestyle they have been accustomed to, with ease and joy.

During Karen’s 30+ years in business; her experiences as a university administrator, president of a semi-conductor manufacturing company and estate planner utilized her natural coaching abilities.

Karen is the former Chief Learning Officer of International Coach Academy and has trained coaches for six different coach training organizations. Her own executive coach training program, Leverage for Leaders, is a founding accredited program with the Center for Credentialing and Education.

In every area of her business and life, Karen’s passion for both the outer and the inner game is evident.   With her exuberant style and her commitment to living by her own values, vision and purpose, Karen is a role model for other coaches who want to grow their practices and achieve success with ease and joy.

Her book, The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You is an Amazon bestseller.

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