Self-paced digital program for coaches who want to…

Discover the Secret Strategies
Coaches Use to Reach 6- and 7-Figures

Become so irresistible as a coach, that your ideal clients seek you out so you can enjoy predictable income quarter after quarter with ease and joy.


You're a seriously talented coach with the brilliance to run a VERY successful business.

You know it. And I know it.

Yet you feel stuck, unsure about how to practically create highly profitable programs.

You’ve chased down trends, coaching influencers, and webinars - yet, you can’t bring in those golden numbers month over month in a consistent, predictable way.

At times, it feels like there’s an exclusive club of coaches who have ‘magically’ figured out those exclusive coaching strategies to soar to five, six, and, yes, seven figures!

What Are Successful Coaches Doing That You Don’t Know About?

It’s not that there is really an exclusive club of successful coaches. It’s just that there are certain actions that are more effective than others in launching and growing your coaching business.

Once you know what to focus your attention and energy on, you can utilize the same amount of time you are spending on business development now to create much bigger results.

Imagine finally getting...

✔️ Five, six, and seven-figure revenue years

✔️ A consistent and predictable cash flow that you can build on quarter after quarter

✔️ Top-of-mind advantage with your ideal clients

✔️ A highly profitable coaching business that you can grow with ease and joy!

Introducing the

Quick-Start Digital Course

The Coaches Quick-Start Intensive Digital Course is a 100% online self-paced program that gives you access to the strategies that I and many other six- and seven-figure coaches are using!

Get the EXACT tools, insights, and methods to create that level of success in your coaching business. You can take years off growing your business by using these techniques to enroll clients, create offers, and take advantage of the market today.

With the Quick-Start Intensive Digital Course you'll discover:

✔️ Why your clients really hire you and step-by-step strategies to make your marketing like a beacon of light to your ideal clients

✔️ Protocols for cash-generating conversations that are honoring and lead your perfect client to easily and quickly register with you

 ✔️ A Progress Reporting Method that will practically guarantee that your goals will be met

✔️ Time and energy management techniques that will bring in your ideal clients who will happily invest in themselves through you


What my clients are saying:

Rachel Schaming

“Karen brings commitment, passion, and joy to her clients.”

“Karen’s genius work is that she has a lot of success in helping coaches amp up their businesses. She helps them feel safe and trusting. Karen brings commitment, passion, and joy to her clients.”

Judy Cirullo, ACC

“I haven't seen anything
else quite like this!”

“It’s specifically designed to help coaches from a solid business perspective, I haven't seen anything else quite like this! It is well structured with real-life scenarios, accountability, and a terrific roadmap.”

Scott Masciarelli, MCC

I would not be where I am without these insights. They kept me in action.

The program has just the right amount of action and tracking of progress. The experience has inspired me and the results have been amazing.”

The Curriculum

Since this is a self-study, self-paced program, there is no specific time frame for going through it. In our LIVE Quick-Start Intensive groups, we do this work in 12 weeks, so you could choose a quarter and go through it for that amount of time if you want. If you'd like to take more time, you can.

Module 1: Design Your Irresistible Offer and Pricing

You'll be guided through the process of designing your main offer and pricing to set the foundation of your coaching business.

Module 2: Utilize Our Market Research Conversation Protocol to Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Learn the importance of Market Research Conversations and start having conversations with potential clients.

Module 3: Have Effective Enrollment Conversations That Close the Sale

Knowing how to ‘close the sale’ is crucial to any successful business. With our 9-step outline, you will have everything you need to employ all of your coaching competencies in enrollment conversations that will set you up for success.

Module 4: Shift Your Educational Presentation into a Marketing Presentation

You will learn how to take any educational training that you have and, with a few simple tweaks, turn it into a marketing presentation.

Module 5: Implement Your Stealth Marketing Plan

While it is great to get high visibility with your own posts and marketing, there is a method where you can do marketing that is ‘under the radar’ and yet even more powerful than getting visible. You’ll find out how to do just that in this eye-opening training module.

Module 6: Discover Why Your Clients Really Hire You

With this simple method, you'll gain tremendous insights into the real reasons your best clients have hired you and find amazing leverage points for your future marketing.


Plus Get These Bonuses to Gain Even More Momentum at a Quicker Pace!

Video Training Library
($2,500 Value)

A library full of videos that will help you grow your coaching business and you can reference at any time. These videos include designing high-end programs, closing corporate contracts, and how to have effective conversations with high-ticket buyers.

Best Selling Books
($10 Value)

The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You will show you how to develop a highly successful coaching business with ease and joy, and grow your profits to their full potential.

Coach Momentum will guide you through my “Quick-Start Formula” for getting clients, generating consistent revenue, and getting momentum as a coach.

Social Marketing Memes
($300 Value)

A month of done-for-you marketing assets that will help grow your presence, increase engagement, and attract your ideal clients on social media.

Everything You'll Need For Success

  • Self-paced program (complete program intro and 6 training modules) - $4,800 Value
  • Video Training Library - $2500 Value
  • Both of Karen's bestselling books - $10 Value
  • Social Media Marketing Memes - $300 Value

Total Value of OVER $7,000 if purchased separately!

Investment: $2997 for a limited time only:



$727 x 3 months


The QS Digital Course Guarantee

The Quick-Start Digital Course was built to give you a step-by-step plan that you can ACT on in real-time! You could start seeing business results as soon as you begin learning, just like the coaches we've worked with in the past who started right where you are today.

Everything we share with you through QSD is proven and many other coaches have used these EXACT strategies to reach the level of success enjoyed today. If you take the time to implement the strategies and do the work, you WILL get results! 

We fully believe in you and the QSD Course. If you enroll in this course, dedicate the time to watching all of the videos and completing all of the assignments/exercises and you still find that you aren't seeing results, please reach out and send me all of your completed work. we will schedule a call with you to help you to get results, at no additional charge within a year of purchase.

There are no refunds on this program if you purchase it, because as soon as you purchase it, you get access to the entire system.

Additionally, if you decide that you want to enroll in a future Quick-Start Intensive for additional support and accountability; we will credit 100% of the price you paid for the program towards the 12-week intensive, to be used within one (1) year of your original investment.

We believe in you!

About Karen

Karen Cappello, MCC, BCC, is not your typical master certified coach. With over 30 years of experience in business management, financial planning, and higher education before becoming a coach, she brings a wealth of expertise to her clients.

As a business and executive coach, communication specialist, motivational speaker, and coach trainer, Karen has collaborated with top leaders and coaches to achieve outstanding results in the business world.

Through her unique approach, Karen has helped transform the lives of countless coaches and organizations. Her proven methods focus on enhancing revenue, creating community, and accelerating highly beneficial business outcomes. Whether it’s improving the bottom line, increasing productivity, or achieving personal growth, Karen’s coaching expertise can help you unlock your true potential as a coach.

With a passion for helping coaches achieve business success beyond what they’ve envisioned, Karen has established herself as a respected figure in the coaching industry. She has worked with executive, business, career, and sales coaches across various industries, helping them to exceed their goals and realize their dreams.

Ghaya Barwani, MCC

“I was able to re-discover my passion and energy.”

"This program got me focused. I learned to transfer my existing talents to my coaching business. I’ve become more confident in my value as a coach and understanding the hidden cost-saving benefits my clients receive from working with me.”

Kathy & Brad Lambert

“We are enamored with this model, and how well it worked from the tracking form to the weekly progress reports to the toolkit.”

“Our experience with this framework is that it is not a theory; it is a proven process used by many to exceed their financial goals. If you're serious about Jump Starting Your Business Growth, this is not a "need to do" it's a "must do!”

Cat Stancik, PCC

“This program gave me the framework to scale my business.”

“I was prompted to join this program because it provided extra support and structure to keep me focused on my goals. I was attracted to the idea of achieving my goals with ease, rather than a hustle modality. This program gave me the framework to scale my business, not just now but over and over again.”

Ready to Make a Quantum Leap this Year?

You’ve scrolled this far because you’re serious about your business. I love that!

I’ve been where you are right now. And I really want to help you reach the level of success you deserve.

The Coaches Quick-Start Intensive Digital was MADE for coaches like you who:

  • Want a visionary and highly profitable coaching business with ease and joy
  • Want those five, six, and seven-figure years
  • Want to become so irresistible to their clients, their booking interface is practically flooded with requests

Everything I share with you through QSD is proven. I and many other coaches have used these EXACT strategies to reach the level of success we enjoy today.

I invite you to join us.

You’ve come this far. It’s worth it.

Love and great joy,


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