Success Stories:

Take a look at our QSI SuperStars! From Executive C-Suite to Sales Coaches to Small-to-Medium Business Coaches.

We are so proud of these coaches and the work they are doing to support leaders to accomplish their goals and be the highest versions of themselves, while making a great income in the process!

Rachel Schaming
Executive Coach and Consultant

Rachel Schaming, despite her success in the corporate world, desired to maximize her corporate experience and to be able to pivot into work that brought her more joy. Even though she had done some coaching, she hadn’t fully committed to it. 

Rossella Pin, MCC
Executive Leadership Coach

Rossella Pin surpassed her financial goal from corporate work and sought to push her limits further. She desired increased confidence to work with higher-level clients and take on more challenging assignments, aiming to explore the full extent of her coaching capabilities.

Scott Masciarelli, MCC
Executive Leadership and Career Coach

Scott Masciarelli faced a setback when he lost his biggest client due to the pandemic. Even with a background in public speaking as a trainer and leader, Scott was reluctant to use social media and wanted to identify a specific niche as he served so many different groups.

Ghaya Barwani, MCC
Executive Leadership Coach

Ghaya Barwani started her coaching business as a side project and eventually quit her 20-year corporate career to pursue coaching full-time. However, three of her five coaching clients terminated their contracts on the same day she left her job, leaving her disheartened.

Sandra Clark
LinkedIn Coach and Trainer

Sandra Clark, a mentor at heart, is a LinkedIn coach and trainer with a background in teaching and educational administration. Sandra had periodically joined business networking groups but wasn't able to receive the kind of structure, community, and practicality she hoped for.

Lisa Pérez, ACC
Executive Leadership Coach

Lisa Pérez wanted to grow her coaching business and explore new opportunities. However, she found herself overwhelmed with managing all aspects of her business, from growth targets to marketing and operations. 

Connie Kadansky, MCC
Sales Empowerment Coach

Connie Kadansky was faced with the challenge of making concentrated business building a priority during the pandemic. Despite considering changing her niche, she ultimately decided to continue working with salespeople, which she enjoyed and excelled at. However, she recognized the need to be more strategic in growing her business.

Vivian Theodoropoulou, ACC
Executive Coach

Vivian Theodoropoulou had just completed her coach training and given notice to her employer. She was certain that she would make it in her own business and yet she wanted help on the practical side. While Vivian had been a very successful professional, she was not experienced in the entrepreneurial world. She didn’t want to take what would seem like an eternity to get to a point of confidence.

Connie Whitesell, PCC
Business Strategist and Growth Coach

Connie Whitesell, an experienced business strategist and certified coach, faced doubts about her coaching business. With a track record of success in HR consulting, Connie saw this as her final chance to make her coaching business profitable. Right before she began QSI, she was funding her business from her personal accounts and undercharging, and she realized it was time for a transformation.

Heike Geiling, ACC
Intercultural Coach

Heike, a Certified Coach and Intercultural Trainer. Heike's passion lies in helping individuals find confidence in cross-cultural settings. However, she initially faced challenges in positioning her business and underestimating the value of virtual networking opportunities during the pandemic.

Kathy & Brad Lambert

Kathy and Brad Lambert, founders of KBL Impact Partners, embarked on their nonprofit coaching business without a clear plan or marketing strategy. With their background as Nonprofit Founders, transitioning to a For-Profit coaching business proved to be a new and uncertain challenge. They grappled with defining their services, attracting nonprofits, and finding inspiration in the absence of existing models.

Sara Sheehan, PCC
Executive Coach & Consultant

Sara Sheehan, a highly experienced executive coach and consultant, faced limitations in showcasing her successful corporate career due to the confidential nature of her work. Recognizing the need for a new approach, she aimed to establish herself as an independent thought leader, attracting clients on her own terms. 

Robin Groen, PCC
Executive Coach

Robin Groen is an accomplished Executive Coach for attorneys at law, transitioning from a successful career as a judicial officer. The journey was not without hurdles, as he grappled with redefining his professional identity and realigning his marketing strategy to attract a new client base.

Moon Li, ACC
Mental Fitness Coach

Despite her expertise, Moon Li grappled with pricing her coaching services due to upbringing, culture, and pricing uncertainties. Recognizing her undervaluation, she shifted her focus to attract clients truly dedicated to personal growth. 

Jamie Davidoff, MCC
Executive Coach & Culture Consultant

Jamie Davidoff faced challenges in setting coaching rates and was looking for more confidence in sales and marketing her coaching business. She wanted to establish her own business, support more clients, and confidently package and price her services.  

Saralyn Hodgkin, PCC
Leadership & Executive Coach

Saralyn Hodgkin faced the challenge of having numerous potential services and wanting clarity with the right direction for her offerings.Ā  It was important for her to focus on where her time and energy was spent.

Chris Taylor
LeadershipĀ Coach

Chris Taylor, an experienced leadership coach for executives and emerging leaders, expertly built client relationships but struggled with inconsistency in growing her business and bringing on new clients.

Magda Dorobanțu, PCC
Leadership and Career Coach

Magda, a certified ICF Professional Coach, knew that she wanted to build a private coaching business beyond her work as a contracted coach but she wasnā€™t sure what steps to take to reach that goal.

Dick Hannasch
Working Relationship Coach

Dick Hannasch was an established coach for executives, leaders, and individual contributors at a Fortune 500 company but was transitioning to his own coaching business. While he had many years of experience coaching, he had no idea how to build and market his own coaching business.


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