Turn Your Coaching Skills
into Coaching Revenue

Fast-track your coaching business with Quick-Start Intensive, the insider system that creates highly profitable, predictable, and consistent income ($10K months scaling to 6-7+ figure years), month after month, year after year!

If you’re like most business and executive coaches I work with, you’ve successfully built your credibility and reputation over the years as a leader in the corporate world.

But now that you’re trying to build your coaching business…

You worry about making enough revenue to replace your corporate income so that you can continue to provide for your family and live the lifestyle you are used to.

You’ve never doubted yourself before, but now you feel overwhelmed by so many decisions about your offer, marketing, or the future of your business and you feel stuck.

You’re not achieving the quick success that came so naturally to you in the corporate world and you wonder if you can make your coaching business work.

You’re afraid that hard work and hustle are the only way to have financial success but you got out of the corporate rat race to find more joy, fulfillment, and ease.

Sound familiar?

It's not your fault. And it’s not that you lack the ability to create the coaching business of your dreams. The truth is that unless you have an MBA, you have never been taught to run your own business.

After 20+ years in the coaching business, I created a program in 2019, based on my system of quarterly sprints, that teaches you EXACTLY how to ignite stellar success in your coaching business. This system worked even in the third quarter of 2020, in the middle of world chaos, when I generated $100,000 in under 90 days.

I know what it takes to make profitable, predictable, and consistent income happen FAST because not only has it happened for me, but the business and executive coaches who have used my perfect blend of strategy and energy are creating 5-figure months and 6-7+ figure years.

It’s entirely possible for you to…

→ Collapse the time it takes for you to grow your exceptionally successful coaching business

→ Gain the marketing skills that inspire your clients to want to work with you

→ Develop the presence and confidence within to work with the highest-level clients

→ Do meaningful work that also allows you to become the highest version of yourself

→ Wake up every single day excited to speak to your prospective clients and see the life-changing impact of your actions on your business

→ Set your own schedule and rates and work in a way that allows you to thrive on all levels with ease and joy

→ Surround yourself with a community of other coaches who are as committed to your success and growth as you are

All you need is a rock-solid plan, proven solutions, and built-in support to achieve success as soon as possible…

Introducing the

The Quick-Start Intensive is a 12-week accelerator cohort of business and executive coaches.

With the support of a coach and community, create customized systems for generating consistent, predictable income that ensures that their business can remain profitable and strong, now and into the future while they do work that brings them great joy and satisfaction.


Have the CONFIDENCE to work with higher level clients, raise your prices and design a business that supports the LIFESTYLE you are accustomed to.

When you know how to activate the energy that will draw your ideal clients to you, you won’t have to run around trying to find your clients, they will come to you. They will know that you’re the one they’re supposed to work with and will quickly hire you.

Create a main offer that’s EASY for you to sell because it’s in the context of what your clients want to buy.

When you have an irresistible offer that your perfect clients can’t say no to, you’ll be able to get momentum. When we design it so it’s easy for you to sell, procrastination goes away, and you are inspired to invite people to enroll in your coaching program. Once you are successful in helping them attain their goals, they will invite you to work with them again and again.

Learn compelling and easy-to-have conversations that lead to SALES.

Not sure what to say to enroll clients with ease? We will share a straightforward process on what to say and do before, during, and after your conversations to get more clients to say ‘YES’ and happily pay you in full! And, We’ll share a special type of conversation that you’ll enjoy having that will lead to even more contracts.

Design a CONSISTENT marketing plan that you can use again and again.

It's one thing to create a short-term windfall but another to install a system that allows you to consistently grow your revenue. We have a repeatable and proprietary process that will keep the income rolling in for years to come. You'll not only generate more income... there are also many non-financial benefits to the program such as confidence, a coach and community to support you, clarity, systems, a complete marketing process, and a tested offer.

In QSI, we’re all about getting RESULTS!

We are proud of our coaches and the work they are doing to support leaders to accomplish their goals and be the HIGHEST versions of themselves while making a great income in the process!

These are just a few of our QSI success stories:

Rachel Schaming
Executive Coach and Consultant
Rachel brought in $86,000 in contracts in 10 weeks with QSI
Rossella Pin, MCC
Executive Leadership Coach
Rosella doubled her goal and built her dream home in the mountains!
Scott Masciarelli, MCC
Executive Leadership Coach
Scott more than doubled his corporate income in 9 weeks!
Kathy & Brad Lambert
They grew their revenue from zero to five figures in the first 12 weeks.

Here’s why you are going to love QSI:


You’ll not only learn a framework to double, triple or even 10X your income in the next quarter, but you will DO IT during the 12 weeks we work together with support  and guidance each step of the way.


Inside our cohort model, our trainers and program participants commit to supporting a safe, positive, and criticism-free learning environment as you work alongside each other in achieving your goals.


We believe each coach has innate wisdom in how to grow their thriving business and that each can apply their own talents and gifts to accelerate their income. We honor the ideas of each coach and celebrate each step toward their goal.

Here’s our unique business acceleration process:


How QSI works:

Our coaching, training, and accountability set you up for success!

Training Meetings: On the entire Quick-Start Formula

Take-Action Calls: Where you will implement what you've learned in real-time

 Coaching with Karen: Bring your challenges and get coached in real-time by Karen in our group coaching sessions

Blocker Release Session: Clear your energy blockers with an award-winning coach

 Online community: For unlimited support and accountability with your mentor and other coaches in the program.

Jumpstart Meeting
Sept 3
Sept 10

Training Meetings
Sept 10, 24
Oct 8, 22Nov 5, 19

Take Action Calls
Sept 17
Oct 15, 29Nov 12

Coaching with Karen
Sept 4, 11, 18, 25
Oct 2, 16, 23
Nov 6, 13, 20
Completion Meeting
Nov 26

Plus get these BONUSES worth $7,500 alone!

Immediately upon registration, you’ll receive access to the:

Video Training Library
($2,500 Value)

A library full of videos that will help you grow your coaching business and you can reference at any time. 

Lifetime Content Access
($5,000 Value)

Continue accessing all of your favorite training modules, coaching resources, videos, bonuses, and future content.

Your QSI road to coaching success includes:


Third-party funding options available:

The investment for this program is $7,500 USD pay in full or we have our payment plan options.

We are pleased to offer third party funding to help with cash flow. If you would like to get started with very affordable monthly payments, we can help to fund the program for you! 

If you’re interested in applying for this funding, reach out to us at [email protected].

QSI is an exclusive community:

Because of our commitment to your success, we intentionally limit the number in the group so that you get the personal attention you deserve. We want to ensure that QSI is right for each of our members.

QSI is ideal for coaches who want to:

✔ collapse the time it takes to grow an exceptionally successful coaching business

✔ avoid years of trial and error that lead to slow growth and endless frustration

✔ enjoy the same financial success they had in their corporate life

✔ see brilliant results in revenue growth and client enrollment

✔ move past the confusion of how to market their business and create ease and joy

QSI is NOT for coaches who AREN'T willing to:

→  show up 110%

→  expand their learning edge and try new things

→ step out of their comfort zone to create the business they envision

→ do the work

→ be committed to their growth and passionate about their business

Is QSI right for you?

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Our commitment:

We have designed one of the most effective and leading-edge intensives for business development available. When we take on a client in our Quick-Start Intensive, we show up 110% for you in service of your goal. We ask the same of you!

Because of this commitment, we have a ‘no refunds’ policy. We request that you register with all of your enthusiasm, passion, and commitment, and stay the course. We will support you with all of our enthusiasm, passion, and strategy through any quitting zones that you encounter (yes, those happen to the best of us).

And if an unforeseen circumstance occurs, reach out and we will find a mutually agreeable solution. We are committed to showing up completely for your success.

Meet Your Program Leader and Trainer:

Beth Wilkinson, PCC

Dedicated to the concept that leadership changes organizations, Beth Wilkinson, PPC, is a certified coach who is passionate about helping people and organizations reach their full potential. Through her leadership and coaching business, Wilkinson Coaching LLC, Beth supports leaders with the tools, knowledge, and mindsets to maximize their full potential through Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. Leaders typically see a 3x return on investment in working with Beth.

As a QSI participant since 2022, Beth has grown her business year over year to a consistent six figure income replacing her Sr. Corporate income which has given her an opportunity to be present with her three growing kids.

Read more about her HERE.

Meet Our Founder and Coach:

Karen Cappello, MCC

Founder and Master Certified Coach

In 2019, Karen started the Quick-Start Intensive after having stellar success in her own business revenue doing this type of quarterly sprint. The coaches who took the program started achieving stellar success, too. Since then, coaches from all over the world have turned their coaching skills into coaching revenue, one quarter at a time.

Read her success story HERE.

Questions We Frequently Get:

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More Success Stories:

Lisa Pérez, ACC
Executive Leadership Coach
Lisa achieved a 75% increase in coaching revenue with fewer clients!
Heike Geiling, ACC
Intercultural Coach
Heike articulated her niched, refine her offerings and increased her revenue.
Robin Groen, PCC
Executive Leadership Coach
QSI’s proven system enhanced Robin’s incisiveness and focus.
Sandra Clark
LinkedIn Coach and Trainer
A 7-time QSI devotee, Sandra continues to break her revenue goals.

We're here for you...

When you decide to invest in this program and work with us, we fully acknowledge your trust. We’ll give you all of the latest strategies for client attraction, and we will be right by your side, creating and sustaining the business you love and the income you deserve. You can make a decision today to start using all of your coaching skills now to gain exponential revenue results.

You can experience the support of a community that cares about you and mentors who have insights, strategies, and tactics that will help you keep your business profitable, generating the income and impact you envision.

Or you can continue on your current path. It’s possible to do it alone, but it will take longer, is much more frustrating, and can lead to quick burnout. The choice is yours. If you want to increase your income and impact in the next quarter, REGISTER today!

Love and great joy,



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