Success StoriesConnie Whitesell, PCC

The Client

Connie Whitesell
President, Business Strategist and Certified Professional Coach
Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching

The Challenge

What challenge did the client want Karen to address?

Connie wanted to build a consistent and profitable coaching business. It had been years since she started her business and she was questioning herself as to whether she could make this business go.

At the time she started QSI, she had been constantly dipping into her personal account to keep her business going. She was putting a lot of time into her business, but it wasn’t on the right things.

In addition, she was overdelivering and undercharging. Her clients were getting amazing results, yet she was not raising her rates based on the results they were getting.

Why did the client have this challenge?

While Connie had built a profitable HR consulting business before, she experienced lots of starts and stops, mainly related to personal circumstances along with way with her coaching business.

She decided this was her last chance to make it work and be fully committed.

Why did this client engage Karen to help?

Karen had been connected with Connie through the coach training school where Karen was the Chief Learning Officer. Connie says, “In every interaction, I felt that Karen was trustworthy. I never felt like I was being sold something. I felt like her intentions were pure, and she really cared about the people she worked with.”

Connie also knew that she would have direct access to Karen, and not be in a large group program where she would feel like she was just a number. Karen was very accessible.

In addition, Karen had a proven track record. She had built her business herself and walked her talk. She shared her clients’ results and their track records too.

The Solution

What was the solution?

Connie worked with Karen in the Quick-Start Intensive group for 3 months to accelerate her business results.

What was the timeline?

The results happened quickly – after just one month in the Quick-Start Intensive.

The Results

How did Karen’s solution solve the client’s challenge?

Connie became very consistent in her networking and tracking due to the structure of the QSI.

She says, “Having that accountability and tracking helped me reflect on what I was doing that was creating results. And there’s something about the energy of this group – I call it QSI magic. I can’t tell you exactly what it was, but it worked. It was just unbelievable. In that first month, every time I had a conversation with somebody, they would sign right up.”

What benefits did this client immediately see because of his work with Karen?

Connie’s business made $400 in the month prior to QSI. Once she got into the group and increased the consistency of her networking, she brought in $5,000 the very next month.

What benefits should this client see over time because of her work with Karen?

In conjunction with other business owners, Connie created a Facebook group that consistently grows, where members are very engaged and she’s getting clients from it! Her networking skills are consistent and her business bank account is full.
She’s now got a simple and streamlined marketing plan for her business. Connie recently brought up an offer she was thinking about making and 3 clients jumped right in. And they are referring others. Connie has streamlined her marketing to support both herself and the business owners she serves.
This natural business model is just perfect for a consistent and profitable business for this wonderful business coach!
UPDATE: In Connie’s first QSI in 2020, she increased her revenue by 67% and since then, has consistently grossed 5-figure quarters. In 2021, she was able to purchase her dream lake house, which she fully funds from the revenue of her business. And not only that, she holds planning days there, so she is able to obtain a business deduction also. Win-win!

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