Success StoriesGhaya Barwani, MCC

The Client

Ghaya Barwani, MCC
Executive Coach, Life and Career Transition Coach, Corporate and Individual Trainer

The Challenge

What challenge did the client want Karen to address?

Ghaya started her coaching business as a side project in 2007. After growing it to bring in sizeable returns, she decided to quit her 20-year corporate career and invest in her coaching business full-time. She quickly found that life had other plans when 3 of her 5 coaching clients terminated their contracts the day after she quit her job.

This unexpected twist overwhelmed her. With no new revenue, no new clients, and feeling disheartened 6 months later, Ghaya was able to re-discover her passion and energy with the Quick-Start Intensive (QSI) program.

Why did the client have this challenge?

During these uncertain 6 months, Ghaya exhausted herself to grow her business and prospect for new clients, only to be met with zero results. Her emotional fatigue compounded by her deteriorating physical health left her drained. 

Wondering if she would have to put her business on hold to get better, Ghaya found the QSI program to be exactly what she needed. She received the support to elevate her business and her physical well-being simultaneously.

Why did this client engage Karen to help?

Ghaya first engaged with Karen through the Quarterly Business Boost - a complimentary 4-day program for coaches who want to double their revenue each quarter. 

For Ghaya, the results were immediate. She was able to complete 36 Market Research Conversations that offered a deeper insight into the realities of her niche. Ghaya found this step to be immensely useful in procuring valuable information about prospective clients and getting her own name out there.

These encouraging results spurred her to sign up for the Quick-Start Intensive.

The Solution

What was the solution?

Ghaya spent 20 years in corporate as a Marketing and Communications specialist. In her coaching business, she completely buried these talents and experiences.

After working with Karen in the Quick-Start Intensive program for just 3 months, Ghaya was able to receive the structure and guidance to play to her natural strengths; a move that would transform her coaching business.

With QSI, Ghaya found her confidence and creativity. She loved QSI’s two-fold approach of creating her own marketing strategies and then working on masterclasses and group videos that could be packaged and sold to her clients outside of QSI.

In her own words, she describes the experience as, “The group and the camaraderie really, really helped.”

What was the timeline

Ghaya went from Zero in revenue to over $61,000 in six months of her coaching engagement with QSI.

The Results

How did Karen’s solution solve the client’s challenge?

Ghaya puts it quite simply, “Karen got me focused.” She found that her existing talents and experiences from 20 years in corporate were incredibly important. Ghaya learned how to unbury these talents and transfer them over to her coaching business.

Living in the Arabian Peninsula, Ghaya now fondly tells her clients, “I'm a Bedouin Gypsy Islander in a suit.” She likes to explain her transformation as, “Accepting every part of myself and not erasing the suit from the Bedouin Islander.”

While initially dubious about whether her offerings were worth the price, Ghaya has become more confident in her value as a coach and understands the hidden cost-saving benefits her clients receive from working with her.

What benefits did this client immediately see because of her work with Karen?

Ghaya describes QSI as, "finding her tribe". After spending 6 months with no results and steadily mounting bills as a single mom, the Quick-Start Intensive program gave Ghaya the support she needed to do the work that had to get done.

What benefits should this client see over time because of her work with Karen?

Having recently closed two six-month $15,000 team coaching contracts and is expecting a $25,000 proposal in the coming months, Ghaya anticipates a positive 6-figure outlook in her coaching business.

Ghaya Barwani continues to do amazing work in her Executive Coaching business, and helps her clients reach their highest leadership potential and purpose.

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