Success Stories – Jamie Davidoff, MCC

The Client

Name: Jamie Davidoff, MCC
Executive Coach and Organizational Culture Consultant
Spark Success

The Challenge

What challenge did the client want Karen to address?

As Founder and Executive Director of Spark Success, a successful long standing coaching business, Jamie possesses impressive experience as an Executive Coach and Organizational Culture Consultant.

Despite her success, Jamie didn’t feel like she was knowledgeable enough about coaching package rates or confident enough to ask for rates commensurate with her offerings. While business was steady, the volume of engagements was inconsistent, and she had come to rely on subcontracted coaching. She wanted to independently build her own business, directly support more clients, and confidently package and price her coaching packages and programs.

Why did the client have this challenge?

Before QSI, Jamie knew she was not comfortable with the sales and marketing process. She also needed to niche her business further, focusing on her approach, and connecting with her ideal clients. Because she lacked confidence in marketing and sales, it was uncomfortable for her to ask for appropriate compensation.

Why did this client engage Karen to help?

When she met Karen and learned about Karen’s commitment to supporting business development with ease and joy, it sparked Jamie’s interest. Being able to connect with her ideal clients in a more authentic way and with ease and joy was attractive.

Jamie initially worked with Karen one-on-one. She appreciated that Karen combined a strong business background and know-how with incredible positive energy.

When she heard about the QSI engagement, Jamie was instantly interested because she needed practical ways of scaling her marketing to create a consistent sales pipeline. She was sold on tangible business development, supportive accountability, positive community, and results that she knew would support her business goals.

The Solution

What was the solution?

To accelerate her business results, Jamie enrolled in the Quick-Start Intensive program.

Through the QSI engagement, Jamie was able to refine her niche and modify her offer. From there, she formulated marketing language specific to her ideal client. This included updating service descriptions, language on her website, and writing social media, blog posts, and articles directed to her target audience.

Jamie learned to step outside her comfort zone in putting her niche “out there”. The QSI cohort and group environment were supportive, helping her stretch and learn from others while growing her business.

What was the timeline?

The first QSI engagement Jamie participated in started in March 2020. During and with a short time after the program, her income increased by 33%.

In November 2021, Jamie started another QSI engagement, once again increasing her income by 20%.

Since beginning in QSI in 2020, Jamie has been able to maintain her momentum. In February of 2022 she was confident in her own direct business to let go of subcontract work. Ultimately, she has been able to make the same income in less time.

The Results

How did Karen’s solution solve the client’s challenge?

QSI helped Jamie take the actions she needed to take to grow her business. She gained courage in her sales and marketing practices and was able to grow her direct business. The action-based nature of QSI provided actual work experience that was replicable after the program ended.

For Jamie, group accountability was a fun way to keep moving forward even with new actions. Each action supported growth in her confidence, awareness, and forward momentum.

What benefits did this client immediately see because of her work with Karen?

Jamie’s income increased during the first QSI engagement. The clarity of her niche and marketing strategy helped her to enjoy her work even more. Her increased income afforded Jamie the spaciousness to provide more value to her clients and continue to grow her business further.

QSI helped Jamie develop a clear and consistent process to build connections and serve clients in meaningful ways.

What benefits should this client see over time because of her work with Karen?

Participating in QSI has given Jamie more confidence, clarity, and consistency in her business. By nurturing close connections and focusing on her niche, her coaching is more purposeful, focused, and enjoyable. The clarity she gained through QSI helps her better support her clients, amplifying positive impact on the world.

When Jamie started QSI, she wanted to independently build her own business, directly support more clients, and appropriately price her packages and programs based on the value that they provided. Not only has Jamie increased her direct business and income (twice over), but she has found a way to do it with ease and joy.

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