Success Stories – Kathy & Brad Lambert

The Client

Kathy and Brad Lambert
Co-Founders, KBL Impact Partners

The Challenge

What challenge did the client want Karen to address?

When Kathy and Brad Lambert started their nonprofit coaching business, KBL Impact Partners, they began without a plan or process of how they would take their services to the marketplace.

With little clarity as to what their offerings would be; one-on-one or group coaching, course duration, price points, client accountability, Kathy and Brad also found themselves unsure about their marketing message, namely, how they would attract the nonprofits they wanted to work with.

Why did the client have this challenge?

With 23 years of experience as Nonprofit Founders, Kathy and Brad found the pivot to a For-Profit coaching business to be a whole different ball game.

This was an uncertain time as they frequently considered whether they would enjoy doing this work as much as they did their previous venture working with a large team and serving the community.

Unable to find a similar business to model themselves after added to this uncertainty of how to get started.

Why did this client engage Karen to help?

Kathy met Karen for coffee one day and they clicked instantly. Karen was able to hone in on the valuable experience Kathy and Brad procured over the years, and create  a vision around how that expertise could be leveraged to help other nonprofit leaders with their growing and funding.

Immediately after, they enrolled in the Coaches Quick-Start Intensive Program to learn how to generate a consistent and predictable income from KBL month after month.

The Solution

What was the solution?

Even during these early conversations, Kathy and Brad were drawn to Karen’s ability to zero in on real-world challenges that impacted nonprofit leaders or “3am crises” as they called it; lack of money, challenges with their board, challenges with staff, and lack of infrastructure.

Overcoming these real-world challenges became the core focus of their training curriculum. They were also introduced to another critical element in business; Market Research Conversations.

These conversations were extremely valuable as Kathy and Brad were able to connect with 30 to 40 of their partners and learned what value and importance they saw in working with people who had 23 years of industry experience starting and growing a successful nonprofit.

Brad confirms, “We got a lot of validation from these Market Research Conversations as to what we needed to put together.”

What was the timeline?

Through their QSI coaching engagement, Kathy and Brad were able to achieve the stated results within 12 weeks.

During this time, they were also able to make an unprecedented impact with the launch of their first class at KBL, and grew their revenue from zero dollars to five figures in the first 12 weeks alone.

The Results

How did Karen’s solution solve the client’s challenge?

Kathy and Brad gained so much clarity and structure from QSI. As Brad puts it, “We were enamored with the QSI model, and how well it worked from the tracking form to the weekly videos to the toolkit.”

With Karen’s consent, they went on to model their own flagship program, Frame Up For Funding, after QSI in terms of structure and content.

Kathy and Brad were able to break down their vision into a daily sheet where they could put everything they learned into practice. From their business planning to their social media, they derived a reliable structure and the process to exponentially grow their business.

What benefits did this client immediately see because of her work with Karen?

The outcomes were extremely positive for Kathy and Brad. They were able to expedite the growth of their start-up and accomplish in 8 or 9 weeks what would have otherwise taken them 6 months to create on their own.

They were also able to take real-time insights from QSI and start using them to host their own classes simultaneously to further accelerate their income and exposure.

What benefits should this client see over time because of her work with Karen?

With Karen’s support, Kathy and Brad spent the first 6 to 8 months solidifying their training model before adding on other components.  

As a result of nailing down their flagship curriculum during those early months, they are now exploring ways to upsell it, and break it down into hourly workshops. Moreover, they have also successfully branched out into coaching, consulting and speaking engagements.

By diversifying what they were able to do, Kathy and Brad made six figures in the first year of their business and are continuing down a very positive revenue path.

Kathy and Brad Lambert are doing amazing work at KBL Impact Partners, helping nonprofits scale their social impact and diversify their funding through adopting a proven model for growth and sustainability.

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