Success Stories – Sandra Clark

The Client

Sandra Clark
LinkedIn Coach and Trainer, Founder of LinkedIn Mentoring

The Challenge

What challenge did the client want Karen to address?

A mentor at heart, Sandra’s first love was teaching English to high school students in Thailand. Having accumulated over 20 years of educational administrative experience supporting professionals in Silicon Valley, Sandra sought to combine her talent for teaching and technology to start her LinkedIn coaching business.

Sandra found the ‘business of the business’ to be a steep learning curve. She wanted to learn the finer points of how to run a great membership program and Facebook group.

Sandra signed up for the Coaches Quick-Start Intensive (QSI) with Karen and found herself learning so much more than initially expected. She has become one of QSI’s most devoted students, having just completed her 7th round of QSI.

Why did the client have this challenge?

Over her 11-year career as a solopreneur, Sandra found herself wanting to connect with like-minded coaches. She had periodically joined business networking groups but wasn't able to receive the kind of structure, community, and practicality that the Quick-Start Intensive program provided. 

Why did this client engage Karen to help?

Sandra first came across Karen through her mailing list. Drawn in by Karen’s naturally effusive tone and previous client successes, Sandra was ultimately convinced to partner with Karen when a mutual friend recommended QSI for its practicality. 

Sandra’s decision to join QSI was further reassured when she realized how specific, deliverable, and measurable the results of the program are.

The Solution

What was the solution?

For Sandra, her experience with QSI provided the tools she needed to excel at her business. She was able to uncover consistent results backed by appropriate marketing efforts. The formula espoused by QSI gave Sandra a step-by-step plan of accountability, i.e., how to create specific measurable goals and see them through to fruition.

Sandra is now at a place where she attracts a steady stream of new prospects through social media, obviating the need to go out looking for clients herself.

As to her reasoning for attending QSI multiple times, she confidently says, “The definition of success is doing the same thing over and over again with Karen, knowing that each time you will reach greater success.”

What was the timeline?

Sandra’s coaching engagement in her first QSI session took 3 months to achieve the stated results.

The Results

How did Karen’s solution solve the client’s challenge?

What Sandra enjoyed most was the community she found in QSI. She was also able to get the inspiration needed to grow her business through Karen’s leadership insights. Sandra confirms that QSI gave her a safe space to make mistakes, experiment, and move out of her comfort zone to try new things.

Her most recent QSI session helped her cross her revenue goal by 129%.

What benefits did this client immediately see because of her work with Karen? 

Sandra discovered a spurt of new clients and a growth in revenue right from her very first QSI session. Since then, she has also been able to maintain consistent revenue results every single week during which she attended QSI.

What benefits should this client see over time because of her work with Karen?

Sandra looks forward to reducing her working hours while maintaining a consistent influx of clients every quarter. She regularly attends QSI sessions to build on the revenue successes she’s witnessed during her previous engagements.

Using mentoring insights from Karen, Sandra continues to help busy professionals improve their LinkedIn presence, build business relationships, and grow their visibility exponentially.

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