Success Stories – Robin Groen, PCC

The Client

Robin Groen, PCC
Title: Founder/Executive Coach
Company: MindYourOwnBizzNizz

The Challenge

What challenge did the client want Karen to address?

Robin Groen is a brilliant Executive Coach for attorneys at law who want to propel their careers forward and grow their revenue quickly.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Robin. Prior to starting his coaching business, he ran a successful judicial officer practice. In having this built-in network, he assumed he could leverage it to attract coaching clients.

Robin quickly found that people in his network still saw him through the lens of his old career. This meant he would need to employ a different marketing strategy to create a new network of clients who would view him in a coaching capacity, and engage his services.

This was a revelation and a turning point. Robin realized that marketing a coaching business was a whole different ball game. He needed to grow his entrepreneurial skills and contextualize his offerings from a monetary perspective to attract clients.

Why did the client have this challenge?

Robin explains, “I had totally underestimated marketing as a coach.”

Robin realized he was approaching his coaching business from a scarcity mindset; targeting everyone instead of honing in on one specific niche. Additionally, being the sole breadwinner in his family put him under a lot of pressure to get his business off the ground quickly.

In coaching with Karen, Robin came to realize that, in nailing down a smaller niche, you actually attract more clients instead of having to pursue them. He was also able to sidestep the stress and work calmly and strategically in a stable environment towards his goals.

Why did this client engage Karen to help?

Robin first came across Karen through the ICF business development program.

Impressed with Karen’s coaching credentials and her expansive business background, Robin understood that Karen wasn’t just another Business Coach. He had a sense that Karen would be able to relate to his challenges of growing a business firsthand.

Robin's initial thoughts were proven correct when he joined Karen’s Quarterly Business Boost – a 4-Day Complimentary Training to help coaches double and triple their income. He was able to remedy his niche and get on the right path to growing his coaching business with ease.

The Solution

What was the solution?

After completing his 4-Day QBB Training, Robin enrolled in Karen’s Quick-Start Intensive program to get a proven framework to take the right actions and follow up.

Through his QSI engagement, Robin was able to become very incisive and focused, conduct valuable Market Research Conversations, and set up calls and expand his network. He learned how to recycle his old social media posts and make them more client-oriented in a way that resonates with their revenue pain points.

Robin has now hit a sweet spot with his marketing where he’s found what resonates the most and what easily attracts clients to him – no longer having to pursue them relentlessly.

What was the timeline?

Through his QSI coaching engagement, Robin was able to achieve the stated results in 3 months.

In terms of revenue gains, from July to December 2020, he was able to make €18,000. In 2021, Robin was able to raise €52,000. In 2022, he has already raised €46,000 by Q3 and plans to easily top all previous numbers.

Robin is proud to report a steady revenue growth year over year after partnering with Karen.

The Results

How did Karen’s solution solve the client’s challenge?

Robin found a proven and structured system that gave him the commitment and focus to make huge gains in his coaching business.

He followed the system, did the work, and was open to changing his perspective; all of which helped him drive his desired results with ease.

What benefits did this client immediately see because of his work with Karen?

With QSI, Robin witnessed a huge shift in his mindset. He says, “Karen's energy works like magic.”

He was able to benefit from the peer support and accountability in working alongside other QSI coaches who were tackling the same types of challenges in their business.

A huge win for Robin was learning how to contextualize his offers from a monetary standpoint. This has allowed him to close contracts with ease!

What benefits should this client see over time because of his work with Karen?

Over time, Robin has become exceptionally structured in his approach. He is much more focused on what opportunities to pursue and which to let go of. Additionally, Robin has built a stable process to actively engage and attract clients.

Robin says, “To anyone doubting, stop doubting. Start doing and work with Karen!”

While he primarily serves his local market in the Netherlands, Robin has begun an exciting expansion to target international markets.

Robin Groen continues to do amazing work as an Executive Coach for attorneys at law who want to create more revenue, gain clients with ease, network successfully, and transform their work-life well-being.

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